How to Leave Well as a Church Planter

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How to Leave Well as a Church Planter

Church Planting begins by leaving. The natural tendency people have is not to finish what they started. Imagine if you could see all the projects, dreams, and goals you started but never completed.

  • You started with sincere intentions and full expectations to accomplish each one.
  • Yes this is a tendency, but it does not have to be the standard.
  • We can learn to finish well.

Don’t let your good intentions go unfinished just because you’re ready to start a new venture called planting a church.

Church planting is probably one of the most exciting endeavors that I have ever taken on personally.

  • The idea of being a “new start-up” kindles the entrepreneur spirit that is in all of us.
  • Casting vision, branding, recruiting, marketing, and launching all have aspects of pioneering a new business.
  • The difference is this. We’re not here to build our brand. We’re here to build the kingdom.
  • So before getting swept up in the hysteria of going somewhere and starting something new, we need to take time finish well where we started.

The real work of church planting begins the day we approached the leadership of our sending church.

  • I made a decision in my heart that day.

If I was going to ask for the blessing of our leadership to go, I was going to honor their leadership as if I were going to stay.

  • I didn’t “check out” and focus only on the new.

It was difficult at times, but I was convinced that the more energy I invested in finishing well, the more momentum I would have when it was time to set out.

  • Transparency was key.

Keeping open channels with your leadership about where your heart is and where your focus is will keep you humble and engaged.

  • Where you are today is where you are building the kingdom. It doesn’t start on the day you launch your church.

There was also a phrase I truly believe came from the LORD during that season of leaving. The phrase was simple, “it’s all kingdom”. I don’t know how many times I repeated that phrase in my head. In fact, I live by it still today! Remember that, “it’s all kingdom”.

  • If you are building poorly where you are today, that is not going to change when you move somewhere new.

It will all end up in a pile with the rest of your good intentions.

  • Convince yourself to finish and leave well.
  • Keep working on building the kingdom where God has you.

When you leave, that work ethic will follow you. And, so will the blessing of your leadership.


Jarod Smith, Lead Pastor, New Tribe Church
Church Planter with Life Mission Church, Olathe, KS

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