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David said in Psalm 62:5, “For my expectation is from Him.”

  • Expectation is a healthy, life giving emotion, and mental attitude
  • It brings a spark to our soul and joy to our journey
  • It is dynamic in our relationship with God

At times we can find ourselves saying, “This is amazing! I didn’t expect this! This is more than I hoped for!” I think Ruth must have experienced this when God ordered her steps in Boaz’s field. She was brought into a life she never expected.

Sometimes we come into distressing circumstances. We hear ourselves say, “I didn’t expect this.” Our hope is crushed and our future looks dark. Yet, like the Philippian jailor in Acts 16:27-28, we can get an “unexpected expectation.” I mean the kind of “unexpected expectation” that rises up in our spirit because of the Holy Spirit Who lives in us. Whereby we surprise ourselves as we hear ourselves say, “Where is this expectation coming from?!” Light breaks through the darkness in our spirit.

May the hand of God and the quickening power of the Holy Spirit break into your life and bring you an “unexpected expectation.” Truly our expectation comes from Him (Psalm 62:5)!

Rhonda Forsthoff, Cornerstone Church, Highland, MI

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