I’m Alive

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I'm Alive

Jesus said in John 14:19, “Because I live, you will live also.”  

  • Resurrection life is one of the anthems we celebrate and teach
  • Resurrection life is the theme


The Holy Spirit has repeated this revelation in my spirit since the very beginning of my salvation experience. I have served God for 42 years, and been in full time ministry for 33 years.  “Because He lives, I shall live also” has been an anchor and hidden strength in the face of the enemy. It has been this revelation that has kept me through every season.

  • You cannot kill God.
  • You cannot kill a God ordained heaven sent calling.
  • You cannot kill the Holy Spirit inside of me.
  • He is invincible. He is brilliant. He is in me! I am alive.

This revelation could be shouted from the rooftops. Yet so often the Holy Spirit simply whispers it in the secret place of my spirit and says, “You’re alive aren’t you?”  

  • He whispers this to me when I’ve endured the deep waters of trials.
  • When I’ve faced the fierce attacks of the enemy.  


It’s sometimes similar to the commentary about Joseph in Genesis 45:26 “Joseph is still alive.”

  • Yes! Joseph was still alive!
  • Yes! I am still alive!
  • Yes! You are still alive!

Because He lives, you shall also!

Rhonda Forsthoff, Cornerstone Church, Highland, MI

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