Pastoring in a Small Town

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Pastoring in a Small Town

Pastoring in a small town is greatly impacted by how we create a healthy culture, not only in our church but also in our city.

One of the ways that we have done this is through our men’s ministry.

  • Men up front modeling worship
  • Men serving in the ministry
  • Men as examples of Christ in their homes
  • Men who are leading in the workplace

Several years ago we decided if we could build strong men it would affect the whole family. Little did we know the difference it would make in our entire church. Today someone from the community said, “I can tell that you are making disciples at your church because they are living it out in our community.” Wow! That is about the highest compliment a pastor can receive.

The secret sauce is consistency. Anything you do over and over can seem boring, but growing up is a lot about consistency.

  1. The first thing we did, and are still doing, is what is called Men’s Fraternity. It is a video teaching series that goes in three-year cycles and teaches men what true manhood is all about. I like one of the phrases used in our group, “If you cannot define manhood, you may not be one yet.” It is amazing the answers you will get when you ask a man to define manhood. We define manhood in Men’s Fraternity.
  2. We have found that the combination of Men’s Fraternity and an event called The Return was like pouring gas on a fire. The Return is based on the story of the prodigal son. He came home and was restored to his position in the family as a son. There are four steps that we take the men through to connect them to a father/son relationship with heavenly Father. The four basic steps to accomplish this are; examination, tear down, rebuild, and celebrate. We have found that these men come home free from condemnation and connected to the Father. It is amazing to see the freedom, and it has been a lasting freedom for most of the men!

My team and I can help you set up these ministries in your church if you desire. However, I believe there are a number of things you can do to get great results. The men’s ministry is just one way we have impacted our church and community.

Paul Ruzinsky, Lead Pastor, Resonate Church, Newaygo, MI

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